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Rubato like Chopin?!

Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin used to play the rubato rhythm in a very singular way. With one hand he would play according to the written tempo and with the other one he would play freely, accelerating or decelerating the rhythm at his own pleasure.

This is what we like to do at Rubato. While we keep our left hand firmly rooted into the tradition, we let the right one play with different flavours and create unique compositions. We put a lot of passion and care in selecting the best ingredients and creating unique combinations. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!


I always loved freshly baked bread. I grew up in a small village where people bake their bread weekly. When it was my mom’s turn, I used to help her to fire up the wood-fired tandoor and wait impatiently for the first bread to come out. All of that excitement was for a piece of freshly baked bread so I could spread homemade tomato paste and drizzle some cold-pressed olive oil.

That was the flavour that I missed most when I came to Canada. So not having similar tastes pushed me to search for an alternative, and I found out that Neapolitan Pizza crust has a similar aroma to the bread I grew up eating. Since that Proustian moment, I have been very interested in Neapolitan-style pizza and Italian cuisine. After working with local pizzerias for many years, this interest became my passion and, eventually, my profession. Therefore, I understand the importance of having the right flavour and aroma, especially with a 300 years old Neapolitan pizza recipe.


We use “00” type flour, a dedicated dough mixer from Italy and a process of fermentation that is 48 hours long. When this goodness is ready, we decorate it with the highest quality ingredients, and we shovel it into the oven. Did we mention we have an AVPN-approved, tailor-made Valoriani oven? It is a unique piece of art that replicates the wood-fire experience and ensures that you get a crispy, golden crust for your pizza.

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